Our corporate finance advisory is based on these five guiding principles

  • Independency
    Businesswise AUGEBIS operates independently, has no third party shareholders and doesn't belong to any investment bank.


  • Objectivity
    Our advisory service is based on facts and figures and weighs chances and risks in the relentless pursuit of our clients' interests.


  • Competence
    We are only offering advice in areas, where we truly own competence.


  • Confidentiality
    Any kind of communication is guided by the specifications of our clients and will be checked in detail. During a transaction, the confidentiality will be assured due to best practice declarations. After the completion of a transaction, no knowledge neither any information will be available for any third party.


  • Success orientation
    The success of a clients transation is also our success. This is why we pursue the goals of our clients relentlessly.


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