Our transactions

We are developing new M&A projects constantly and typically, we are taking action if one of the following situations occurs:

  • Change in shareholder structures, e. g. if the next generation is taking over the responsibility for the business, 
  • Necessity to increase the financial headroom, e. g. to achieve growth targets in a shorter period of time, 
  • Situations of radical change, e. g. if a profit center shall be separated from a conglomerate structure,
  • Change of the competitive situation, which leads to the chance to consolidate a supplier landscape or sales channel structure within an industry (buy & build).


We are interested in having a first and confidential contact to you, if your company happens to be in one of the situations mentioned above, achieves net sales from € 20 Mio. to € 500 Mio. p. a. and a positive EBITDA (no insolvencies / bankruptcies) and you personally are belonging to the following groups:

  • Members of board level management teams (C-Level), who currently are in charge for a company e. g. as an executive director or managing director (CEO, CFO, etc.), who are willing to prepare a management buy out due to a strictly confidential process, who probably are interested in an equity program and are reliant to the support of a long lasting and financially strong investor to get the transaction done,
  • Entrepreneurs of family businesses, who are willing to pass on the remarkable achievements of their professional life to a long lasting and financially strong investor in accordance to a well-ordered succession plan and who claim to participate from the future growth and added value after stepping back from operational responsibilities.


For a first contact please make use of our contact form, or send us your contact details by Email: officemanager.duesseldorf@augebis.com